Differences between The Quartz ountertop and Granite countertops

Many owners compare granite or quartz countertops to the kitchen. These two types of countertops are chosen more frequently thanks to its easy maintenance and long-lasting beauty. Their prices are similar, according to the colour of the granite, which makes the comparison even more justified. With many similar properties between these two types of surface, the differences become in most cases a personal choice.  The kitchen countertops are usually the most used in the home with food preparation, frequent cleaning and the centre of various applications, such as scientific and craft projects. In the bathroom, the countertops do not usually carry as much wear as the kitchen, but the surroundings of the bathtub or shower must resist and maintain a high content of water, moisture, soap scum and mould. For these reasons, granite or quartz surfaces are the best choice because they eliminate grout lines and are easy to maintain and clean.      The granite countertops are very beautiful because the minerals in natural stone give geometric shapes and colours that seem almost worldwide. They are robust and waterproof, and very easy to clean and resistant to stains. The main reason to return to the granite countertop is the fear of cracking or cracking. The granite must be handled and the protruding parts can come off if they are hit or if heavy items are placed on them. Cleaning the granite countertop is almost impossible to do satisfactorily. https://progranitecountertops.com/

Quartz countertops are not really a solid quartz, as many people suppose. Instead, the quartz is crushed and then mixed with a filling material made by a man that really acts as a force. The quartz cap is harder than granite and almost twice as strong, which means you can take it more. They also adapt better to heat because the basic materials are formulated to deal with this problem. Repairing quartz is much easier because it occurs in a controlled environment, so the separate elements will coincide with each other.  Quartz is extremely hard, which makes it resistant to digestion and bacterial growth, giving it natural cleaning properties, which makes it ideal for cooking. The quartz is naturally white or transparent, so the colour options available on the quartz surfaces have been added with the pigment during the production process. The general stylization or the design of a technical stone is almost permanent and is suitable for modern spaces. The range of colours is smaller than granite, but the colours are more vivid and consistent on quartz surfaces.  both of these surfaces are perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower cabins and bathtub planks. Naturally, they counteract stains and etching and give the homeowner a worry-free option with little maintenance and easy-to-clean solutions. Both offer beautiful colour and design options, although each has its own unique styles. Granite and quartz surfaces are a permanent solution for the home, adding value and functionality. The final choice in the selection of the top of the table is reduced to personal preferences and style. When this happens, these two tops can give good results, and this is really a matter of personal preferences. Granite is now more popular, but it can change with the change of flavours.